EdgeUSIM - IoT device management solution

EdgeUSIM combines SIM card with a Software platform that allow to get stable, secure connectivity almost in any network without being locked to the specific provider. 

What you get with EdgeUSIM

Multiple mobile profiles on a SIM or eSIM

Using GSMA certified consumer spec eUICC we can manage profiles on your IoT devices.

Remote provisioning of preferred networks to select

Our platform helps you update preferred networks to connect or to load new mobile subcriptions

Digital signature for your IoT data

Using the latest GSMA IoT-SAFE specs proof your data origin or secured boot for your devices (coming soon)

EdgeUSIM supports multiple formfactors & standards compatible with all 2G/3G/4G/5G devices.

Standard SIM

Mini-, Micro-, Nano- formfactors


MFF2 for soldering on PCB

(upon request)

emulated SIM

on ARM-based processors (coming soon)

EdgeUSIM Business value

SIM card which is always online, whatever region your devices are deployed you will get your connectivity all over the world either on your private or public mobile networks.

Remote control by you

Ability to control and exchange mobile subscriptions remotely simplifying device logistics

Best price & service

Combine different subscription providers to get best price & service quality even on the per device basis

Less operational efforts

Less overhead for distribution and service partners for installing and balance management

Single source of service

Allowing single source of service with a recurring value and revenue

A New Role of the SIM Card as a Root-of-Trust for Low-end Edge Devices

Lightning Talk during Open Networking & Edge Summit organized by Linux Founation from Pavlo Repalo, founder of Edge-Cloud Technologies



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